Microsoft ARC Mouse


Microsoft Arc is a wireless notebook mouse for mobile users. The integrated hinge mechanism allows the mouse to be folded into a compact volume for transport, reducing its volume by half for easy storage. The main idea behind the design was to develop a mouse that corresponds to the contemporary mobile lifestyle, thus distinguishing it from conventional computer peripherals. This approach makes clear that the product is targeted at young, flexible customers. The sculpted shape with its playful interaction and iconic design points the way forward to products of the next generation. In order to combine mobility and ergonomics, the device includes the kind of sturdy hinge that is also used for mobile phones. Arc’s ergonomic shape fills the palm comfortably, while the built-in hinge also serves as a clip, enabling it to be attached to a pocket or bag.

Client: Microsoft Hardware
Designed at: One & Company
Project: Ultra-portable Computer Mouse
Year: 2009