Contemporary Japanese Umbrella – ryoten

The inception of traditional Japanese umbrellas, known as “wagasa,” traces back to the 6th century. During their zenith, a thriving industry comprised more than a dozen wagasa manufacturers, collectively producing over 20 million umbrellas annually nationwide.

In an exceptional collaboration, Hiyoshiya, the sole surviving umbrella maker in Kyoto with a storied history spanning over a century, has partnered with Silent to introduce “Ryoten.”

Ryoten signifies a cutting-edge generation of umbrellas that harmoniously blend traditional craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and eco-conscious materials. Its bioplastic waterproof canopy, expertly mounted onto bamboo ribbing, not only showcases superior UV-cut performance but also incorporates a retractable shaft, transforming it into a sleek and compact device tailored to the demands of contemporary living.

  • Client: Hiyoshiya Co., Ltd.
  • Art Direction and Design: Oliver Franz
  • Year: 2013
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