Janome Umbrella

Introducing a stunning collection of five traditional Janome umbrellas inspired by Edo-period kimono patterns, meticulously crafted for Tsujirihei-Honten, a distinguished green tea producer in Uji, Japan. These exquisite designs seamlessly adapt the intricate patterns to the umbrella’s circular shape, allowing them to be admired from any angle. To enhance their beauty, original himo-kazari thread ornaments are meticulously coordinated with each umbrella’s color scheme. This captivating lineup pays homage to the rich heritage of Japanese craftsmanship, offering a unique fusion of artistry and functionality. Each umbrella becomes a visual masterpiece, transporting admirers to the elegance of bygone eras while providing shelter from the elements.

  • Client: Tsujirihei-Honten Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacture: Hiyoshiya Co., Ltd.
  • Photography: Oliver Franz
  • Year: 2017
  • www.tsujirihei.co.jp
  • www.wagasa.com