Takesada Shoten / MICHIKU

Dual Branding

Revitalizing Takesada Shoten, a 140-year-old traditional Kyoto bamboo artisan, and introducing MICHIKU, an experimental subsidiary brand. Through a strategic rebranding campaign, Takesada Shoten will fuse its rich heritage with modern innovation. The logo, visual elements, and brand messaging will be revamped to captivate a wider audience while preserving its traditional craftsmanship. Simultaneously, MICHIKU will be developed and launched as an innovative brand, pushing the boundaries of bamboo artistry. Positioned as a platform for creativity and exploration, MICHIKU will attract design enthusiasts and pioneers. This dual approach will honor the legacy of Takesada Shoten while introducing new and exciting possibilities with MICHIKU.

  • Client: Takesada Shoten Co., Ltd.
  • In collaboration with: O-lab inc.
  • Project: branding, graphic, logotype, web design
  • Year: 2015 -