Design Concept for The Junei Hotel: A Bamboo-Infused Lunar Escape

The Junei Hotel embodies the essence of a tranquil retreat enveloped by bamboo groves and bathed in the soft glow of moonlight.

To bring this concept to life, we employed a traditional bamboo flattening technique known as “hishigi,” which involves skillful hammering to create broad, textured surfaces that allow gentle light to filter through. This singular technique was artfully incorporated into three distinct areas of the hotel: the approach, the lounge, and the VIP suites.

In the approach area, a captivatingly lengthy wall fixture was fashioned, showcasing the artful interplay of bamboo and backlighting, casting a serene ambiance upon arrival.

Within the lobby and lounge spaces, we introduced an inventive design that melded bamboo with slender copper frames, resulting in a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and an Instagram-worthy backdrop that beckons guests to share their experiences.

In the VIP suites, hishigi bamboo, thoughtfully encased in copper profiles, serves as a shade for indirect lighting, creating an intimate atmosphere of refined luxury. The interplay of materials and techniques throughout The Junei Hotel ensures that every corner of this haven embodies the spirit of a bamboo-infused lunar escape.

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