SIAF / Akira Ifukube

silent_SIAF_ifukube_01INFORMATION – 
Exhibition design of the works from Akiro Ifukube in Akira Ifukube and Genichiro Kakegawa, Two Great Men of Hokkaido during Sapporo International Art Festival 2014 (SIAF). The exhibition was designed to match the atmosphere of the venue, the Former Hokkaidō Government Office which was built during the Meiji period. Some antique furniture of the Hokkaido University, where Ifukube studied has been selected and temporary adapted as display cases, projection furniture and exhibition panel displays. An 8 meter long piano-shaped display case has been designed and constructed to display the original handwritten RITMICA OSTINATA scores in a way which allows to see both sides of each sheet.

Client: Ryuichi Sakamoto / City of Sapporo
Project: Exhibition Design / Display Case Production
Guest Director: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Year: 2014