Bamboo Folder

Bamboo Folder for Precise Paper Crafts

The bone folder is an essential hand tool used in paper crafts like bookbinding and origami to achieve crisp and precise folds. This particular bamboo folder was originally designed and crafted for Atelier Origami, using high-quality shiratake bamboo sourced from Arashiyama, renowned for its exceptional bamboo craftsmanship near Kyoto.

The handle of the bone folder proudly displays Atelier Origami’s logo, skillfully engraved and filled with red paint, reminiscent of the traditional techniques employed in bamboo ruler crafting. This thoughtful design detail adds a touch of elegance and pays homage to the rich heritage of bamboo craftsmanship in the region.

  • Client: Atelier origami
  • Production: Oliver Franz
  • Bamboo: Takesada Shoten Co., Ltd.
  • Photography: Oliver Franz
  • Year: 2016