Tenugui Lamp

Introducing RACK, a folding lamp that celebrates Osaka Sakai’s traditional handicraft, chusen-zome (hand-dyed cloth). Backlit, the natural percolation of ink, called nijimi, and the diffused hues create a serene ambiance. The cloth, similar to a tenugui handkerchief, can be easily changed, offering versatility in decorative configurations and reflecting the seasons. RACK is a long-term companion, meticulously crafted from durable, natural materials. It’s lightweight, tool-free assembly, and compact portability make it convenient for any space. Inspired by traditional Japanese inns, RACK’s design evokes the simple, yet captivating, beauty of tenugui-kake towel racks. Once adorned with vividly colored tenugui, RACK shines beautifully, transforming spaces with elegance and nostalgia.

  • Client: Katarai, Ltd.
  • Project: product / branding / naming
  • Year: 2014
  • Photography: Yuko Shimada & Oliver Franz