Urushi Koubou Settsu

Japanese silver urushi dishes

Introducing the Conceptual Design of Urushi Koubou Settsu, an exquisite lacquer workshop hailing from the scenic Akita prefecture in Japan. Our Dish Series showcases a stunning ensemble, comprising a beautifully crafted bowl, a low dish, and a sake set.

One of the distinguishing features of our product family is the extended lip, which not only lends an iconic shape but also enhances the visibility of the mesmerizing silver urushi technique perfected by the talented artisan, Mr. Settsu.

From a functional standpoint, the lip serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it offers a comfortable grip while holding the bowl or the low dish, ensuring a secure and enjoyable dining experience. Secondly, it serves as a tasteful backdrop, enhancing the overall presentation of the food, creating a feast for the eyes in addition to the palate.

  • Client: Urushi Koubou Settsu
  • Project: Japanese lacquerware
  • Year: 2012